Repaving Operations in Central Park

CRCA Members: the CRCA Board received the following notification from Central Park. Please use caution while riding in the park over the next week as the Park Drive may be rough on the West side and there may be equipment parked on the drives:

Central Park Notice

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) has notified us that it will be milling and repaving a portion of the Drive in Central Park as follows:

  • West Drive from W. 90th to W 72nd St.
  • Dates: May 7th – May 12th (morning of)
  • Time: Work is scheduled to take place between 9:00PM and 4:00 AM; Equipment may be on the Drive before and after those times.

This is a curb-to-curb project for the entire length. There will be heavy machinery and vehicles on the Drive. DOT will be posting a VMS Electronic board and ROUGH ROAD signage as necessary at key points.

There may be days when the surface is milled and not paved. We do not yet know when line, crosswalk,  and symbol painting will take place.

The Conservancy will post a notice on its More information may get posted at the DOT website: