CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (August 2019)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held the August Board Meeting Wednesday, August 21st. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Dan Goldberg (Secretary), or any CRCA Board Member.


Elizabeth, Kevin, Lucia, Matt, Mitchell, Randy, Sean, Tara

July minutes: Approved


  • Begin to consider BoD role transition planning (documentation + recruitment)

    • Co-Directorships

    • Confirm Board Positions and By-Laws

    • Bill Ash is interested in working with the board

    • Work on making day of registration more official

    • AIl: each person outline their tasks and duties


  • Taxes

    • CPA Options + Previous Contacts

    • 2018

    • 2019

    • 501(c)3

      • New filing requires original by-laws, state incorporation information, governance questions, policies (conflict of interest, whistle blowing, etc.)

        • Lucia has all

      • Use development fund?

    • 1099s

    • Meet w/ Sean on Taxes / Quickbooks

  • Long term investment options

  • NYSBRA Checks

Club Racing

  • Marshal deployment

    • Sending out pre-race communications on showing up on time and getting out to defined locations prior to the race start

  • NYCC reg transparency

    • Need to get a list for who is accountable per race

  • Moto conflicts with local races

  • General risks around staffing

    • Stephen / Paulette / Sergio: what are we going to do if these individuals are not present?

      • Have people “shadow” key roles

    • Get guidelines on how a person can become a Moto

  • Identifying “officer” roles

    • Sam Cordner

  • 30 people didn’t check in

    • Some were late check-ins, roster have been downloaded early

    • Email going out on checking in prior to race

Open Racing

  • Noted big potential gaps in directors for Bear & Grant’s

Rider Development

  • CX is on the calendar

  • Clinic coming up in September Erik Zabel “was one of the best sprinters in cycling”

  • Need to get Women’s Dev Series Leaders Jerseys out


  • Follow-up on outstanding sponsorships:

    • Women’s Development (Nancy Stern Memorial)

    • Blue Ribbon OB

    • Hincapie

    • Trek


  • End of Year Party Planning

  • Roller races?

  • Raffle


  • IT: migrated admin / hosting to a new vendor

  • Number pickup issues - bug has been resolved

  • NYCC ran a successful race on 8/17

  • Change for next year: check-in to an alternate field prior to a race

  • Working on an RFP for managing website in Randy’s absence 

  • Alvaro Soltero volunteered for spanish translations on the website

  • Working to get membership options and data together for consideration


  • Year end clean-up on the website

  • Collecting processes that can be defined on the website

  • Considering some restructuring

  • Highlighting the people behind the scenes working on the pre-race

  • Lucia digging up the membership survey