Rules and regulations for CRCA sub-team jerseys

As CRCA sub-teams prepare for the 2020 season, some are considering new kit designs, and with that, we are fielding questions about the rules and regulations for how the CRCA logo should be displayed on official kit.

Every sub-team must follow the uniform requirement and properly display the CRCA logo on their team jerseys. Teams who are not compliant with this rule have 30 days to correct the violation; after that, if the violation is not remedied within 30 days, such team will not be permitted to compete in CRCA races and may be subject to further penalties as determined by the CRCA board. (USAC Racing Rule 1J5 (e) is incorporated into this Rule.)

So what are the rules to consider as you look to redesign your team’s snazzy kit?

  1. All long and short-sleeved jerseys, jackets, and skinsuits must display the CRCA logo.

  2. The logo must be placed on both sleeves just below the shoulder.

  3. The official logo is the circular one (displayed in the header of this post); if you need a high quality version, please contact the Director of Teams.

  4. The logo must be at least 3.5 inches in diameter and the proportions of the logo must remain unchanged. Don’t turn it into an oval!

  5. The logo must have enough color contrast to be clearly visible and distinguishable in the peloton. If you can’t clearly make out the CRCA logo while standing on the sidelines, the logo likely does not have enough contrast. Using similar colors, a few shades apart, will likely not be compliant here. Very light or white logos on dark kits or black/dark hues on neon or pastel kits work best.

  6. Only one CRCA logo is approved for use on the sleeves of team kits; you can not substitute other writing or alternate imagery in place of the official, approved CRCA logo. If you aren’t sure you have the correct logo, please ask someone on the Board and we’ll help out.

The uniform requirement can also be found on our sub-teams page for future reference.

We’re excited to see some new styles next season and hope this helps with your redesign efforts.