Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Race #1 Results

Thank you all for joining us for our season opener. The high winds made for some tactically interesting racing and we’re excited to carry this momentum from our past two successful events into a few more weeks of consecutive weekly races in our Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series.

Some administrative notes and reminders:

  • We received reports of members of the A field cursing at or within earshot of other park users. We note that abusive language is a violation of USAC rules and CRCA’s Code of Conduct, subject to discipline. Please be respectful towards your fellow club members and all park users. We want our club races to be a pleasant experience for everyone.

  • Please do not ride your bike backward on the Central Park loop. Please do not ride your bike in the rec lane before, during, or after the race. Being caught doing either of these will result in a DQ at minimum.

  • If your race is finished and there is still a race ongoing, please use your best judgment when on course with an approaching field. Please consider pulling over to the side and stopping if safe to do so.

  • To ensure the quick delivery of accurate race results to everyone who raced, we ask that you take a moment before each race to make sure that your numbers are visible. Please refer to this handy guide from CRCA if you need a refresher.

  • After speaking to our results team, we decided that using a form makes more sense over the 15 minute in-person protest period. If you have any questions about your placement in a Club Race, please use the form linked here going forward.

Summary results are included below. Full results are available on (or will be shortly). Thank you to all of our racers that participated and a special thank you to Lucarelli & Castaldi for their support of the CRCA Club Series.

The CRCA Results and Standings will be updated shortly including the latest Jim Boyd and Team Cup standings.



  1. Emma Betuel, Houlihan Lokey - GF Capital

  2. Caryl Gale, BreakawayCourier

  3. Emily Singleton, Rockstar Games


  1. Tiffany Thomas, Rapha Cycling Club

  2. Susana Panzini, Team Veselka

  3. Dana Scott


  1. Stalin Quiterio, Dave Jordan

  2. Paskal Lamour, Blue Ribbon/Talent Cycle

  3. Allan Rego, Jamison-Cannondale


  1. Cormac Daly

  2. Brian Hunt, e2Value p/b VergeSport

  3. Devin Carrick


  1. Andrei Nugaev, NYCC Racing

  2. David Shirzad

  3. Roald Ansano

See you all next week!