Roka Grant’s Tomb Criterium 2019 Technical Guide

The Technical Guide is ready for your review. It’s important that you give it a look before the race, and has all the details you need to get ready for tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: There has been a small schedule change

Due to one of our (newly-required) NYC permits, we must reopen city streets 30 minutes earlier than anticipated (at 5:30PM rather than 6:00PM). Rather than cut race duration to comply with the new requirements, we are cutting the gaps between the last four fields – those races will start PROMPTLY at the conclusion of the prior race – you MUST stage prior to the finish of the prior field. With this change those fields start slightly earlier than previously scheduled:

  • Women 2/3 & W35+ @ 1:40PM (5 minutes earlier)

  • Men 2/3 @ 2:30PM (10 minutes earlier)

  • Elite Women @ 3:20PM (15 minutes earlier)

  • Elite Men @ 4:20PM (20 minutes earlier)

We apologize for the last minute schedule shift.