Roka Grant's Tomb Registration: Still OPEN due to great weather!

Folks, we’ve got a great weekend of racing ahead! I won’t bury the lede here: you have more time to register – we’re keeping it open until NOON today, March 7.

We’re excited, and you should be, too. Here’s why:

  1. As I type this, we have 729 racers signed up for Grant’s. That puts us a touch shy of 2017’s reg numbers, and just 60 registrations under last year, which was also the NYS Crit Championship. More people = more fun. Anyway. Thanks to everyone who signed up, and to our sponsor, Roka Performance Eyewear, for helping fund this amazing event.

  2. The weather looks like it will hold out – highs of 46° and AM lows of 35°, which is more than enough heat, especially considering winds will be light, in the 5-7mph range. And the pavement is in historic condition – so we are keeping registration open until noon. We have wait lists open for a few fields, and there are always no-shows, so...sign up!

  3. We’re stoked on the conti pros and semi-pros that are showing up from around the region (and, heck, beyond!).

    Perennial favorite and last year’s winner Masha Schneider will toe the line in the Women’s Elite field, but with this being the first race of the year for most, who knows what will happen? Green Line Velo always brings a team of hitters; newly formed duo of Samantha Fox & Taylor Kuyk-White are definitely going to shake things up; Kathryn Cumming is coming off her most successful cross season yet, and we can never underestimate our local CRCA squads, especially with CityMD Racing fielding a squad of 5.

    As for the Men’s Elite field, headliners include all of your local favorites and a few out-of-towners like Adam Myerson, Davey Dawson, a fast guy fueled by plants and a bunch of guys from ButcherBox and Green Line Velo (keep the Boston-NYC rivalry alive).

    Grant’s is a very watchable race – stay to watch these great pro fields!

  4. We have the Stuf’d Gourmet Sandwiches Truck showing up at 7AM to serve coffee & breakfast and then lunch & sweets, so bring some extra cash! This also makes it easy to bring your friends and family. Pro-tip: camp chairs, and warm clothes.

That’s all. Smash that reg button, and we’ll see you on Saturday.