Eleven CRCA Members Win State Championships

The CRCA Board is pleased to announce that eleven CRCA members were crowned New York State Criterium Champions at last weekend's CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium. Congratulations to all of the winners. These results once again underscore the quality of the riders who comprise the CRCA. If you would like to join this community, please visit Join CRCA.

We once again thank the sponsors of the 2018 edition of the event, Rapha and Roka. 

CRCA State Criterium Champions

  • M P/1: Scott Savory, CRCA/Lupus Racing Team
  • W 4: Bryna Cofrin-Shaw, CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
  • M 4: Conor, Delanbanque, CRCA/Good Guys Racing
  • Men Masters 35-44: Constantin Schreiber, CRCA/Team Veselka
  • Men Masters  45-54: Kevin Molloy, CRCA/The Weather Channel Specialized
  • Men Masters  55-59:  Robert Weitzner, CRCA Foundation
  • M 3: Luiz Lanfredi, CRCA/NYCC Racing;
  • W 2:  Shane Ferro, CRCA/CityMD Women's Racing
  • W 35+ : Erica Adelberg, CRCA/Radical Media
  • M 2: Jesse Walker, CRCA/e2Value
  • M U23: Matthew Park, CRCA/Team Veselka

Other State Criterium Champions

Non-CRCA members that also won State Championships were as follows:

  • W 3:  Alison Merner;
  • W P/1:  Emily Spence, Mellow Mushroom;
  • Jr Girls 9-10: Akira Edmonds, Star Track;
  • Jr Girls  11-12: Katie Cheong, Star Track Cycling;
  • Jr Girls 15-16:  Rory Chea, Healthy and Happy Racing;
  • Jr Boys 9-10: Enziel Hernandez, Startrack;
  • Jr Boys 11-12: Enzo Edmonds, Roley Poley Racing/Star Track;
  • Jr Boys 13-14: DJ Toback, Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling Development;
  • M Boys 15-16:  Jonah Vasquez, Bear Development/Trek;
  • M Boys 17-18: Billy Taylor, Star Track NYC.