Introducing CRCA Club Series Jerseys (and more)

The CRCA Board is pleased to announce that Hincapie will be providing Leader's Jerseys for this year's Jim Boyd Cup competitions that are awarded to the racer in the A and W fields who score the most points across the CRCA Club Series and the CRCA Open Racing Calendar. 

In addition we also have a new competition for our B-field riders! For the first time in a half decade there will be a B-Field Series Leader Competition. Scored using the same methodology as the Jim Boyd Cup this is an exciting new addition for B-field racers that has been spearheaded by Vice-President of racing Julius Quito. 

Please look out for all three of these jerseys on our next race on Saturday March 24, 2018. Standings for these competitions will be updated soon for last weekend's Grant's Tomb Criterium. And of course if you want to participate in these competitions make sure to Join CRCA!