Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Instructions

The famous Dave Jordan Central Park Classic p/b Castelli is this weekend in Central Park. The race is named for Dave Jordan who was a longtime New York City based racer, coach, team director and President of CRCA. The all-volunteer CRCA Board looks forward to hosting the racers and spectators who will join us for a very early morning in Central Park

Race Information

  • Registration: Link
  • Technical Guide: Link
  • Marshal check-in: 4:30AM 
  • Registration open: 4:30AM
  • Registration close: 5:15AM
  • Race start: 5:30AM
  • Race finish: Cat's Paw


Please review the technical guide for important rules for all racers in Central Park. In particular: never ride on the walking paths in Central Park, never ride backwards on the Park Drives and never enter the recreation lane. Any violations of these rules will result in an immediate DQ and possible ban from racing in Central Park. 

After the first Club Series race three riders were reported by NYC Parks for riding backward on the Central Park loop and/or riding on walking paths and after the third Club Series race three marshals were reported riding backward on the Central Park loop. This conduct threatens the existence of our races and will be subject to an immediate DQ and possible suspension. 


NYC Parks strictly enforces our marshal requirements. Races cannot start until 15 minutes AFTER all marshals are at their assigned posts. If marshals arrive late, do not show or are not at their precise assigned post we may lose our race permits. Please refer to the Marshaling Instructions and Marshaling Policy for addition information.

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