Central Park Rules & Enforcement

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Our ability to race in Central park is dependent on all racers, marshals and volunteers following Park regulations.

Always comply with these rules before, during, and after all Central Park races:

  • Ride on Central Park roads only - no riding on walking paths, dirt paths, pedestrian paths
  • Ride in the direction of traffic only (counter-clockwise)
  • Stay out of the recreation lane at all times
  • Engage in positive, productive behavior with other park users at all times

We are disappointed to have received reports from the Central Park Conservancy that three CRCA members violated these rules on Saturday. These members have been disqualified from Saturday's Club Race Results. The CRCA Board will be taking immediate action, up to and including suspension or expulsion from CRCA, depending on the severity of a violation and repeat offenses. 

It is IMPERATIVE that members abide by these rules no matter how inconvenient or seemingly inconsequential the violation - the CPC and the NYC Parks Department are monitoring us at all times. Please help us to educate your teammates, friends and fellow racers as appropriate, and help us ensure we keep our ability to race in our Park.

Familiarize yourself with the Central Park Racing Technical Guide for more information related to racing in Central Park.

Also, we remind everyone that all CRCA members agreed to the CRCA Code of Conduct


As a member of CRCA, I acknowledge that:

  • My participation in CRCA races is a privilege
  • This privilege is dependent upon the ability of CRCA to hold races
  • This privilege could be lost as a result of the actions of participants and marshals, including myself
  • Any failure to comply with this code or any policies of the club will subject me and/or my sub-team to disciplinary action, as determined by the Board, subject to the requirements of the Club’s By-laws

Furthermore, I will: 

  • Abide by the rules and rulings of CRCA, USAC, and USADA, including rules regarding fair competition
  • Do my utmost to ensure the safety of racers and other Park users while marshaling
  • Follow the NYC Parks Department rules of conduct
  • Not ride in the runners lane while racing or training in City Parks
  • Not participate in dangerous group rides in City Parks
  • Treat club members, racers, officials, park users, and the public with respect