Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Race #1 - Pre-Race Instructions

We are very excited to kick off the season opener of the Lucarelli & Castaldi CRCA Club Series with some good weather. Please read below for information regarding the upcoming race.


  • Technical Guide: Link

  • Marshal check-in: 5:50 AM (don't be late!)

  • Registration open / close: 6:00 AM / 6:35 AM

  • Start time: 6:50 AM

  • Fields (Laps): W (4), A (6), B (5), C (4), WD (3)

  • Notes: Cat’s Paw Finish


Check-in is at the Boathouse while Rambles construction is on-going. We will have Board members on-site to assist and answer any questions. Additionally, we are experimenting with a dedicated C and WDev registration line to give our newer riders some extra attention and improve their race experience.

If you are a CRCA member with a Race membership, please remember that you need to bring exact change to the race. Our volunteers at check-in will not be carrying change.


Rider safety is of utmost importance to us. Earlier this week, we rode through Central Park and identified a few problem areas and have started conversations with Parks and DOT to fix a few potholes. Please remain vigilant of potholes and other road surface defects and take a warm-up lap if necessary to scout out potential issues on the course.


After Club Series races, riders have been reported by NYC Parks for riding backward on the Central Park loop and/or riding on walking paths. This conduct threatens the existence of our races and will be subject to an immediate DQ and possible suspension.


Per CRCA rules, all members are required to wear CRCA kit or CRCA sub-team kit with the prerequisite logos during the race. However, we understand that sub-team and CRCA kit is still being ordered or delivered. With colder temperatures, it’s often tough to scrape together a kit that is CRCA compliant.

This early in the season, we are not enforcing our CRCA kit rule, but please follow USAC guidelines and show up in unbranded (non-pro team) kit. We will communicate when we will be enforcing CRCA kit/sub-team kit.


NYC Parks strictly enforces our marshal requirements. Races cannot start until 15 minutes AFTER all marshals are at their assigned posts. If marshals arrive late, do not show or are not at their precise assigned post we may lose our race permits. Please refer to the Marshaling Instructions and Marshaling Policy for addition information.  


To confirm your eligibility to race please check the CRCA Roster. The roster is now finalized but email with any questions and Randy may be able to assist. 


Members can pick up their numbers while checking in to race. You must show your USAC license. If you are picking up your number, please arrive early.

If you need to replace a lost number, numbers will be available for $20 at check-in. Similarly, please allow for more time if you need to replace and pin a lost number.


The CRCA Club Series now features professional results. Results will be posted at the finish line, posted on, and uploaded to USAC. The CRCA Club Series may now be utilized for USAC upgrade points. Per USAC Rule 1M7 racers should take advantage of the 15-minute protest period once results are posted at the Rambles Parking lot to address any concerns directly with our officials and results service before leaving Central Park.

We are strictly enforcing the use of the 15 minute protest period. Any requests to update race results after this protest period will be rejected.

Any riders that are dropped from the main peloton and finish their race alone are encouraged to signal to the finish line staff that they are racers rather than recreational riders. 


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