USA Cycling Team Settings Reminder

One of the more common questions coming in to Membership this year is about USA Cycling licenses showing as invalid.  The top cause has been because the member's license was not set to be part of the CRCA team.  All members must set their team to Century Road Club Association to be eligible to race.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Log into your USA Cycling account.
  2. You will see your "DOMESTIC RACE LICENSE".  Click on "Edit License Details", and then "Edit Club".
  3. Under "Road Club" find and choose "Century Road Club Assoc".
  4. Click on "Save Settings"
  5. If you are on a sub-team, click on "Edit License Details" again, and then "Edit Team".
    1. Pick your subteam from the list.
    2. If it is not listed, ask your team captain to contact
    3. Reminder: Your team captain must also submit a team roster to  You will not show up as a member of the sub-team until they do so.

Our database updates once every 24 hours at least.  After our next update, your license should now show as valid.

If you have any other questions, or if this does not work, please contact