Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series Race 1 Results

Results for the season opener of the Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series are now available on USAC. Jim Boyd and Team Cup standings will be updated in the next few days. Thank you to all of our members for coming out on a windy morning and a very big thank you to all of our marshals. We had a 100% attendance rate for marshals today and as a result were able to start all of our races on schedule.

Just a reminder: as previously announced with the use of professional results the CRCA Club Series is now eligible for USAC upgrade points. 

Header image via the To Be Determined Journal

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Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series Race 1 Results

A Field

  1. Stalin Quiterio, Dave Jordan Racing
  2. Tom Rodarie, Rockstar Games
  3. Ross Baldwin, Jamison Capital - Cannondale
  4. Luiz Lanfredi, NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
  5. Baris Aytan, Foundation
  6. Victor Gras, Rockstar Games
  7. Erwin Kersten, To Be Determined
  8. James Stevens, The Weather Channel Specialized
  9. Michael Margarite, The Weather Channel Specialized
  10. Daghan Perker, To Be Determined

W Field

  1. Erica Adelberg, Radical Media
  2. Stephanie Thompson, Rockstar Games
  3. Lucia Deng, CityMD Racing
  4. Fabienne Gerard, Radical Media
  5. Emma Fudge, Rockstar Games
  6. Charlotte Newbury, Radical Media
  7. Emily Singleton, Rockstar Games
  8. Cindy Ma, Houlihan Lokey
  9. Elizabeth Marcello, CityMD Racing
  10. Lisa Vandivort, CityMD Racing

B Field

  1. Conor Delanbanque, Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW
  2. Jonathan Trevett, Team   
  3. Joseph Emmerling, RBNY Racing-Verge Sport  
  4. Christopher Altchek, Foundation
  5. Alexander Buchmann, Rapha Cycling Club      
  6. Budd White, Rapha Cycling Club   
  7. Sungdo Han, GFNY Racing    
  8. John DAgostino, Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW        
  9. Mark Shahlamian, Team
  10. Cullen MacDonald, To Be Determined

C Field

  1. Emmett Gross, RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
  2. Terrence Chioffi, Rapha Cycling Club
  3. Alfonso Jimenez, FIRE CYCLING TEAM
  4. Stuart Richards, Rapha Cycling Club
  5. Ethan Bourdeau, Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterW
  6. Thomas Shi, NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
  7. Brook Taube, Dave Jordan Racing
  8. Taylor Graham
  9. Matthew Connelly, NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
  10. William Mansfield, NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners

Women's Development Field

  1. Madeleine Pascolini Campbell, e2Value p/b Verge Sport
  2. Eliza Flint, Dave Jordan Racing
  3. Shara Arnofsky, Dave Jordan Racing
  4. Merissa Molinar, Dave Jordan Racing
  5. Susanna Panzini, Team Veselka
  6. Christine de Witte, Team Veselka
  7. Emma Betuel   
  8. Bryna CofrinShaw, Dave Jordan Racing
  9. Shuo Li, NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
  10. Maria Vlassenko, CityMD Racing