Lucarelli & Castaldi CRCA Club Series Race #6 Instructions

The sixth race in the Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series is this weekend. This is one of three club races that will feature FREE post-race coffee and bagels thanks to the support of Lucarelli & Castaldi! Stick around after the race and catch up with your fellow club members!

Construction on Course: the west side of Central Park has been repaved but lines have yet to be painted. DO NOT use the full width of the road. Even though the lines are missing stay out of the recreation lane area. Riders will be DQ'd if using the left side of the road. 

Marshaling: in recent races marshals have gone to incorrect locations on the Park Drive leading NYC Parks to mark our marshaling as deficient which threatens our race permits going forward. If you are marshaling please be sure you are in your assigned location. 

CRCA Kit: all members are required to wear CRCA kit or CRCA sub-team kit with the prerequisite logos. With summer's arrival we are enforcing these requirements at the Club Series going forward. For independent members - if you have ordered Club kit but it hasn't arrived please make have the e-mail confirmation for your order available. 

Race Information

  • Technical Guide: Link
  • Marshal check-in: 4:40AM (don't be late!)
  • Registration open / close: 4:50AM / 5:35AM
  • Race start: 5:40AM
  • Fields (Laps): W (7.1), A (8.1), B (7.1), C (6.1), Clinic
  • Race finish: Met Finish

Rider Conduct

After the first Club Series race three riders were reported by NYC Parks for riding backward on the Central Park loop and/or riding on walking paths and after the third Club Series race three marshals were reported riding backward on the Central Park loop. This conduct threatens the existence of our races and will be subject to an immediate DQ and possible suspension. 


NYC Parks strictly enforces our marshal requirements. Races cannot start until 15 minutes AFTER all marshals are at their assigned posts. If marshals arrive late, do not show or are not at their precise assigned post we may lose our race permits. Please refer to the Marshaling Instructions and Marshaling Policy for addition information.


To confirm your eligibility to race please check the CRCA Roster. The roster is now finalized but email with any questions and Randy may be able to assist. 


After the March 24 Club race number pick-up is exclusively at Tailwind Endurance - you will not be able to pick-up your race number at race registration. Please make sure to pickup your race number from Tailwind Endurance in advance of race day. 

Important: going forward all fifth fields (WD/M40+/Clinics) will have separate race numbers assigned at registration in order to improve the accuracy of results. If you are racing one of these fields please know your club race number but expect to receive a new number for each race on race morning. 


The CRCA Club Series now features professional results. Results will be posted at the Rambles, posted on, and uploaded to USAC. The CRCA Club Series may now be utilized for USAC upgrade points. 

Per USAC Rule 1M7 racers should take advantage of the 15-minute protest period once results are posted at the Rambles Parking lot to address any concerns directly with our officials and results service before leaving Central Park. This is by far the easiest and most direct way to insure your results are accurate. 

Any further questions or concerns regarding results should be addressed via this Google Form by Monday at noon following the race. . 

Other CRCA News & Links

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