Number Pickup and Race Rosters

Hi Members!  All rosters are now automatically generated by our database.  Aside from making things a lot easier for us on race week, it also means we can make them available for preview at all times.  You can read more about the rosters below, and learn how to make sure you are eligible to race and pick up your number.

Speaking of Number Pickup

There are two number pickup events coming up in the next week.  They are at Veselka, located at 144 2nd Ave.  The events will take place:

  • Saturday, February 24th, at 7am (until 9am)
  • Tuesday, February 27th, at 5pm (until 7pm)

Make sure your number is valid first (see below!) before you come, or we may not have a number for you.  And remember, CRCA happens because of volunteer time, so please be kind to the board members and team volunteers that are running the event.  They will do their best to help you.  Also keep in mind that Veselka has allowed us to use their space more than once over the years, so be respectful of their space and buy some food if you hang out (its delicious!)

Veselka will be offering free coffee and pastries on Saturday, and free beer from 5-6pm on Tuesday.  Come meet your board members and fellow racers and be social!

These will not be the ONLY options to pick up your number, but they are the preferred options.  They will be available for pickup at another location leading up to race morning (information coming soon), and also available on certain race mornings.

How to Check Rosters

Checking your roster entry is super easy to do.  All you have to do is check the CRCA website for the latest information.

On the website, you can click on "Race Rosters" under the Membership menu.  Or just click here!

You may notice you are ineligible! Don't panic.  We'll get you fixed up!  There are a few reasons you could be marked as ineligible, so read ahead for some more information. 

  • If your name is highlighted in YELLOW, it means that you are ineligible to race, for license or clinic reasons.  If the roster says INVALID LICENSE, this means either your USA Cycling license needs to be renewed, or that you have some sort of pending waiver WITH USA Cycling that needs to be signed.  Check for USA Cycling emails from the day you renewed, and get in touch with them if you can't find it.  Our database takes around a day to update after you make the fix.   If the roster says NEEDS CLINIC, it means you are a new member who is cat 4 or 5 and that\ you need to complete a new racer clinic before you can race.  These clinic dates are available on the website here.  If you are not cat 4/5 or you have completed the clinic before, please contact membership.
  • If your name is highlighted in PURPLE, you have either not submitted your waiver or it has not yet been approved.  You can now upload your waivers directly to the membership site.   Log in to your CRCA account to check the latest status.  Contact membership with any questions.
  • If your name is highlighted in RED, you have been suspended for missing marshal dates.  Contact the Marshal Director for more information.

If you show up on race morning with any of these conditions, you will not be allowed to race. No exceptions.