New Marshaling Resources

As part of our ongoing enhancements to the all-volunteer CRCA Board is pleased to announce two new marshaling related resources. 

  • Marshaling Assignments - this page lists all marshaling assignments throughout the year so if you're looking to quickly check the dates you selected or a sub-team manager wants to confirm if any team members are marshaling for an upcoming race you can quickly head to this page. As always any changes to marshaling assignments must be made via the CRCA Member Site
  • Marshaling Suspensions - all suspended CRCA members are listed on this page. Remember that in accordance with the CRCA Marshaling Policy all suspended members are ineligible to race or participate in CRCA Coaching. If you miss a marshaling date and wind up suspended make sure to reach out to the Director of Marshaling to develop a plan to clear their suspension.

With the first Lucarelli & Castaldi CRCA Club Series kicking off again this weekend we once again emphasize the importance of marshals arriving on schedule. Races cannot start until we have marshals on course and if we are short of marshals races will be shortened and/or cancelled.