Introducing a New CRCA Facebook Group/Forum

One of the CRCA Board's primary goals for 2018 is to create a stronger sense of community within the club. The significant enhancements to including the new e-mail newsletter (subscribe!) are part of that effort. We will also be bringing back coffee and bagels at select CRCA Club Series races and place a greater emphasis on catering to our independent members.

At the same time we recognize the importance of an online forum where members new and old can discuss upcoming CRCA events and ask questions about the Club. In the past some of this occurred via a now largely defunct email list. To replicate some of that functionality we are introducing a new Facebook group open to CRCA members.  It will likely take some time to get critical mass for the group but we hope this will ultimately serve as a destination to ask questions, organize rides and ultimately build a sense of community around CRCA. 

To join simply head over to "Century Road Club Association Members" on Facebook