Updates to Club Race #3 & Clinics Results

Working with our results service we processed several post race corrections to the results from the most recent Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series race and the Men's/Women's Clinics. For clinic participants please note that if you used a one day license you need to sign up on USAC for a free account in order to appear on the results as listed on USA Cycling. 

For all racers, please remember that if you do not pin your number in the proper location it is all but impossible for our results service to score you properly. Your number must be visible to the camera to be scored. 

Photo via the To Be Determined Journal

Updates to Results 

Results and standings on CRCA.net will be updated with these changes shortly. 

  • B-Field / Race Number 637: number placement was unreadable by the camera
  • Women's Clinic / 3rd, 6th Place: number placement was unreadable by the camera
  • A-Field / Race Number 53: rider was obscured and mis-scored as 153, will correct
  • Men's Clinic / Number 666: number placement was unreadable by the camera
  • B-Field / Number 422: number was blurry on camera and mis-scored
  • Men's Clinic / Number 667: number was mis-scored
  • C-Field / Number 637: overlapping numbers with the clinic, will correct
  • W-Field / Number 1017: did not appear on sign-in sheet, will add to results
  • Men's Clinic / Number 649: number was not scored, will add

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