Lucarelli & Castaldi CRCA Club Series Race #4 Results

Summary results for the third race in the Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series are included below and are available on USA Cycling. Thank you to all of our racers that participated and a special thank you to Lucarelli & Castaldi for their support of the CRCA Club Series.

Important: for any questions or concerns regarding the race results please use the CRCA 2018 Results Feedback Form rather than emailing one of CRCA's volunteer board members. Our inboxes can get a bit overwhelmed post-race and we want to make sure we're responsive to all of our member inquiries. We also urge riders to take advantage of the 15 minute post-race protest period. 

The CRCA Results and Standings will be updated shortly including the latest Jim Boyd and Team Cup standings. As previously announced with the use of professional results the CRCA Club Series is now eligible for USAC upgrade points.

Photo via the To Be Determined Journal

CRCA Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Series Podiums


  1. Kristen Faulkner, Dave Jordan
  2. Fabienne Gerard, Radical Media
  3. Shara Arnofsky, Dave Jordan


  1. Allen Rego, Jamison Capital
  2. Stalin Quiterio, Dave Jordan
  3. Victor Gras, Rockstar


  1. Michael Tan, Good Guys
  2. Sean McCormick, NY Vision Group
  3. Daniel Goldberg, RBNY Racing


  1. Alice Boyce, Rockstar
  2. Sofi Camacho Bermudez
  3. Sarah Sjoman, Dave Jordan


    1. Taylor Graham, Dave Jordan
    2. Joseph Mohan, Team Patch
    3. John McAllister, Danny's

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