CRCA Board Meeting Agenda - September 2018

The all-volunteer CRCA Board is hosting its September board meeting on Thursday September 27th via teleconference. Major topics on the agenda include:

September Board Meeting (September 27, 2018)

  • Introduction

    • Approve prior minutes

  • End of season deliverables

    • 2018 End of Season Party

      • Lucia/Matt overseeing Rockstar Games planning of party

      • Date TBD: likely first 2 weeks in Nov: Tues/Weds

      • Location TBD: likely LES/Wburg - currently negotiating cost w/ venues

      • Sponsors/prizes being collected

    • Elections

    • Membership survey

    • USAC close-out documentation

    • Transition + knowledge transfer

  • Star Track Dinner

  • Post-season feedback session w team managers

  • Workstream updates - high level status + what’s burning / risks, escalations, blockers

    • Club Racing

    • Open Racing

    • Marshalling

    • Communications

    • Finance

    • PR/Sponsorship

    • Rider Development

    • Membership

    • Teams

  • Roadmap for 2019

    • FY 19 budget submission

    • Contract renewals for BRP and Tom Mains

  • New Business

If you would like to offer your thoughts on any of these agenda items please send an email to or any CRCA Board member ahead of the meeting.

Board meeting minutes will be distributed following the meeting. All Board Meeting related announcements are available under the "Meeting" Category of