CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (May 2018)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held its April Board Meeting via video conference on April 30. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Matthew Vandivort, Secretary, or any CRCA Board Member.

  • Communications
    • Not on call 
  • Teams
    • No significant updates. As open races come up, has reminding them of team duty
    • Working with Tony on suspension/marshaling
    • Julius connected to David McNally from RCC for bagels
    • Not involved with team duty for DJ binders
  • Finance
    • Tax update: we filed for an extension, will be under review with CPA vendor June 1
    • Cash Update: positive position with bank, account fluctuates as year progresses 
    • Board to revisit longer-term financial condition after the end of the season
    • Closing out April and May transactions
      • May:  no invoices from coaches in May - need by end of day tomorrow to close out month
      • April:  only received invoices from Mim and Tara
    • Open Race Budget Update
      • Dave Jordan at 379 racers, 8 more women than last year
    • L&C had invested in Bear Mountain sponsorship which did not fully happen, they would like to re-allocate to end of year party
  • Club Racing
    • Not on call (agenda item was bib numbers vs results issues)
  • Open Racing
    • Not on call - agenda items below:
  • Membership
    • Membership price cut 5/20
    • Lifetime member wants to create jersey for other LT members.  No cost to club for this.
      • Needs to be revisited as we might be treating LT membership differently
    • Happy hour/events outside of Ws dev/Ws dev next round of events
      • Randy working on event near Union Square
  • Rider Development    
    • Mellow Mushroom riders Laura Van Gilder and Kristen LaSasso event
  • Marshaling
    • Leverage DJ marshal support for ride-around verifying marshal placement: Tony spoke to DJ team regarding marshal support.  Instead Paulette used as pre-race sweep and used an experienced marshal to do a ride around.  
    • When race started, it was noticed there was no marshal at start/finish, and no race in progress sign: Lucia/Tony to discuss best approach for managing this e.g. work with DJ or find another team to cover
    • Treatment of marshaling for members who move/are injured early season: Members should follow bylaws for finding substitutes if they are not able to commit to marshaling for whatever reason.
  • PR/Sponsors
    • Castelli sponsorship for DJCPC confirmed and finalized 
    • Nancy Morgenstern Fund: working through W Dev Series allocations


These minutes are considered to be in draft form pending approval from the full CRCA Board at the next meeting.