CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (April 2018)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held its April Board Meeting via video conference on April 30. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Matthew Vandivort, Secretary, or any CRCA Board Member.

  • Attendance via video conference: Dan, Gabby, Jeff, Julius, Ken, Lucia, Randy, Tara, Ted, Tony
  • March meeting minutes approved with 8 approves
  • Communications
    • Following up with member interested in helping with social media strategy
  • Teams
    • No updates
  • Finance
    • Club racing/membership is on track to break even
    • Includes $15k more in club racing expenses so far this year due to results, officials, etc
    • 48 donor members this year had large substantial positive impact
    • Open Racing is currently even for the year even with upcoming underages
  • Club Racing
    • New check in process was greatly improved. Continue to work on tweaks
    • Results for Club fields
    • Results for W’s Dev fields
    • Mobile check-in
    • Bagel Dates
  • Open Racing
    • Discussion of Orchard Beach open items
    • Podium backdrop ordered. Ted to pick up
    • Make sure to order pizzas and hay bales
  • Membership
    • Membership price to decrease 5/20. New members will still be required to sign up for 2 marshal dates
  • Rider Development
    • Women’s fit & positioning event at HSS was a success. Consider opening to larger club membership for future. Note: HSS is small space so would need to cap attendance
  • Marshaling
    • Need to work with Parks to resolve discrepancies between their list and our chart to ensure we have correct locations marked
    • Leverage DJR marshal “assistant” to do continuous sweeps verifying marshal placement
    • Focusing on filling spots for races 7-12 to avoid issues seen in the past toward end of season
    • Consider directing new members to ensure those spots are filled first to hit minimums
    • Can also work with Paulette to place marshals sooner
  • PR/Sponsors
    • Waiting on Bear payments
    • Can give out products at event (Roka, SIS, etc)
    • SIS can provide manpower at Bear feed zone
    • Discussion of Castelli involvement in DJ CPC


These minutes are considered to be in draft form pending approval from the full CRCA Board at the next meeting.