CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (Mid-January 2018)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held a second mid-month January Board Meeting via video conference on Monday January 22. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below.

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Matthew Vandivort, Secretary, or any CRCA Board Member.

  • Attendees:  Gabby (President), Matt (Secretary), Lucia (Teams), Julius (VP Racing), Ted (Open Racing). Ken (Treasurer) joined in for the final portion of the call
  • Lifetime members: discussion of lifetime membership status in the context of a potential shortage of race marshals following increased marshaling requirements for Central Park races.
    • Primarily benefit is that they currently do not have to marshal. Due to admin configuration certain lifetime members appear to be receiving different benefits with regard to membership costs.
    • To clarify: for 2018 lifetime members will receive the below benefits:
      • Excused from marshaling and free Racing Membership (but must pay on a per race basis)
      • Season pass membership = pay full price
      • Associate membership remains free for lifetime members
      • Randy to be aware of this and see if the any of the above can be automated during the membership process (might be scope change)
    • Going forward: the board will have a further conversation during 2018 to discuss the long-term structure of lifetime membership starting in 2019 in the context of increased marshaling requirements for the clubs operations. Process likely includes reviewing the NYCC structure that is not purely tenure based (includes qualitative factors such as board service). Discussion will consider all CRCA stakeholders including existing life members.
    • Next steps: internal alignment/agreement on the above, put article on site regarding treatment of life members and the Club’s changing operational need, send email to life members
  • Racing/Season Pass Discussion
    • The board had previously discussed eliminating Racing tier Membership but given the need to insure maximum membership to meet marshaling requirements 2018 Club Membership will open with both Racing and Season Pass (in addition to Associate membership).
    • Pricing for Racing Membership will be adjusted: cut upfront price to $70 and charge $20 per race
      • Min threshold to reach Season Pass with Racing membership is two races - keeping season pass pricing the same despite significant improvements to the club series (which come at an increased cost to the Club). Want to keep pushing Season Pass membership as it streamlines registration and simplifies the Club's financing
      • Last year we charged initial $80 for Racing and $10 per race with $30 price differential to Season Pass. This year $70 for Racing and $20 per race with $40 price differential = relative value versus Season Pass membership does not significantly change. Anyone that expects to do more than two club races should sign up for Season Pass. 
      • To be posted on we are making significant investments in the Club Series (results, upgrade points) that significantly increases the cost of the series to the club. We are adjusting the economics of Racing membership accordingly by lowering the upfront cost but increasing the per race cost. Most importantly we are not changing the cost of season pass membership and strongly encourage all members to consider a season pass membership as both the lowest cost form of CRCA membership and the form of membership that improves the club’s revenue visibility and eases race day logistics.
  • Women’s Development Series
    • Further discussion of folding the Central Park Development Series dates into the CRCA Club Series. The thinking behind institutionalizing this is to make sure the Ws Dev series continues to exist after 2018, as we have a transitional Board and priorities may change. Future vision would have a strong Club W’s field and Women Development field similar to existing A/C structure for Men’s fields.
    • Any changes to current structure needs to be discussed with Specialized as we have a two year agreement with them: with improved website believe that the Series can be more valuable for Specialized and impactful for new Women Racers regardless of Club vs Open structure.
    • Suggestions for this year if kept outside of the CRCA Club Series: one BikeReg page for entire series, increased emphasis on converting participants to CRCA Members, particularly in the context of the Club’s Marshal shortage.
    • Next Steps: follow up call with Mim, Tara, and whomever has a stake in this, to review all sides
  • Upgrades for CRCA races
    • Dependencies for making Club races eligible for upgrades?
    • Accurate results and reporting:  Tom Mains has committed to all except three dates. Julius to press for 100% coverage by Tom, if we do not have him we will need someone to backfill (separate vendor or Alex R using Club camera)
    • For missing three dates, worse case scenario is we can try to be accurate to top ten and then make the rest of people DNP
    • Possibility of reaching out to John Frye if Tom can’t make the remaining three dates
    • USAC Chief Judge
      • Julius to reach out to Liz Marcello to begin staffing.  We do not have to staff on our own.
      • Lucia to confirm with Liz that Race Director C license does/does not require USAC officials training
    • In terms of CRCA’s history of providing training races, other NYC E race has upgrade points, e.g. FBF and Rockleigh
    • Alex R can remind riders that our races are training races in order to keep the CRCA “hallowed ground” of training consistent
      • Charlie tells riders if you are not in the first 5-10 wheels, please sit up. Julius to discuss with Alex.
  • Separate scoring for Cat 3: To be discussed at Feb Board meeting
  • Next steps: Board approves these notes, Communicate on site and post on FB - we should be all set to begin with this in March 2018


These minutes are considered to be in draft form pending approval from the full CRCA Board at the next meeting.